Koalas in Tree Tops

Tregeagle Landcare Group has received $25,000 from the Jaramus Foundation through Landcare Australia to restore koala habitat and riparian lowland rainforest. Professional bush regenerators are working with landholders and Tregeagle Landcare Group members to restore riparian rainforest remnants and expand koala habitat rehabilitation at Connor Road, Tregeagle. This will improve existing koala habitat, develop koala corridors and improve water quality in Tucki-Tucki and Boggy Creeks. The health of critically endangered lowland rainforest will be enhanced. Weeds are being controlled to improve koala habitat and corridors and tree planting is being undertaken in gaps and areas of low resilience to extend and connect habitat areas. A field day will be held which will involve Tregeagle Public School Junior Landcare Group, local landholders and community members from throughout Lismore LGA who are interested in koala and lowland rainforest restoration.