Tregeagle Koala habitat restoration and corridor connections - NSW Environmental Trust Restoration & Rehabilitaton Program

2013 - 2016 - Tregeagle Landcare Group is working with professional bush regenerators to restore and connect significant Koala habitat at Tregeagle. This is a priority area (Lismore City Council Koala Management Plan) for the long term survival of koalas in the area. Lantana has been impeding koala movement and access to food trees and with camphor laurel and privet restricting regeneration. Koalas in the Lismore LGA are threatened by clearing and fragmentation of koala habitat, which isolates populations, impedes gene flow and recruitment levels. Significant Koala habitat at Tregeagle was being degraded and regeneration of koala habitat restricted by weed infestation. Koalas could not access some habitat areas and food trees due to dense lantana. The area is part of a significant corridor for koala movement across the landscape. The project area includes macadamia farms, beef cattle, rural acreages and native bushland.