Araluen Creek Restoration Project – Update October 2022

Woohoo we are almost ready to rock and roll on the big soil erosion works, the key part of the Araluen Creek Restoration Project! Rock, well we have about 460 tonnes of rock ready to be put in place. Roll, and yep we have to roll about 29 truck loads of root logs and quite a few tree trunks into place. Thankfully big machines will do this once the ground is dry enough. With modern day computer apps can we set the time lapse footage to some good old rock ‘n’ roll music. Interesting concept, looking for creative assistance.

Onsite Construction – finally happening
We are pretty excited that Soil Conservation Service construction work will start on Monday 31 October and will take about three weeks.  Weather permitting, as we are getting another big downpour of rain at the moment.  Weather, has hampered us previously, if it rains a lot we get high creek flows at the remediation sites and boggy conditions. This in turns limits the movement of machinery and vehicles onsite. However, once done, the remediation of the thirteen sites will deliver stability, reduce sediment movement, control erosion and future bank collapses.
We need you to assist plant out the sites
Planning for re vegetation of sites is well under way and we are aiming for plantings in November, probably a series of events, rather than just a one day planting event.  With the regular rain events we are experiencing we have had to rethink our planting schedule. Sites will be planted out once works have been completed. We will repeat this process for all sites. If you can please express interest to assist in this task.