Past Projects

Serrated Tussock in Meroo / Queens Pinch / Green Gully

The third Watershed project run in the area to assist landholders in the identification and control of Serrated Tussock. Past projects have seen paddock surveys and over 300 hours of on-ground control take place around Hargraves, Grattai / Erudgere, Upper Piambong and the Aarons Pass Rd. areas. The current project will target the Queens Pinch, Meroo and Green Gully localities.

Sticks & Stones

The ‘Sticks & Stones’ project aims to inject fresh knowledge into our region – on how to increase landscape function and productivity, improve farm water cycles and restore productivity in saline areas. Now that all sounds like a bit of a mouthful, but ultimately it’s about soil (improving fertility and reversing erosion), rain (soaking up every drop), plants (maximising green growth throughout the year). All of this spells increased productivity and a healthier landscape for farmers.