A Day With Bruce Pascoe

An in depth workshop with award winning and respected Aboriginal Australian author Bruce Pascoe

A Day With Bruce Pascoe

An in depth workshop with award winning and respected Aboriginal Australian author Bruce Pascoe

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The issue

This personal, one on one workshop was a rare opportunity to engage community members with well respected and renowned author Bruce Pascoe. With Australia's changing landscapes and the effects of climate change more relevant than ever, there is an ever-increasing awareness of the connections between land, soil, and nurturing nature as central to Aboriginal culture.

This workshop enabled participants to ask specific questions and immerse themselves in in-depth conversation around topics that are close to Bruce's heart and highly relevant in our current climatic conditions. Connecting participants with Bruce, and empowering them with his knowledge and experience serves as an important platform for attendees to start or continue their regenerative agricultural journeys.

Enabling participants to be exposed to this type of valuable knowledge is incredibly powerful as it can be utilised and shared for future generations to come.

The solution

This workshop was held on 14th October 2020, and was a Western Murray Land Improvement initiative as part of the Wakool Agri Innovation Program. The Wakool Agri Innovation Program (WAIP) is a project undertaken by WMLIG to assist local area farmers and businesses to explore opportunities to innovate, diversify or value add to their current business. This program is funded by the Australian Government as part of the Murray-Darling Basin Economic Development Program.

The workshop was facilitated by Rose Wright, Regionality Founder and Managing Director. Rose skilfully engaged with event attendees throughout, and utilised her knowledge and passion of the agri-food industry to connect the perspectives of Bruce Pascoe and the attendees in a personal and intellectual manner.

The event took place on a private property, in a charming shearing shed which provided an intimate setting for the small group to speak openly and comfortably.

The impact

The workshop was a highly engaging, personally moving event that by all accounts left participants with greater insight and a better knowledge of different ways that traditional land practices and ancient knowledge can be utilised by future generations.

"This was such an amazing opportunity to hear Bruce speak... loved every moment. The venue, catering was fabulous"- Di van der Zypp, Moama.

Key facts

  • 15 Landowners & ag industry participants attended
  • The event was held in a privately owned shearing shed in Bunnalloo
  • Bruce Pascoe is a multi-award winning and respected Aboriginal Australian author

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