K-P Forest Wetland Monitoring

Koondrook-Perricoota State Forest Wetland and Understory Survey Monitoring

K-P Forest Wetland Monitoring

Koondrook-Perricoota State Forest Wetland and Understory Survey Monitoring

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The issue

During February to May 2024, WMLIG completed wetland and understory surveying in the Koondrook-Perricoota (KP) State Forest for Forestry Corporation of NSW (FCNSW). KP State Forest is a recognised icon site within The Living Murray (TLM) project and is routinely monitored for vegetation condition at the wetland, understory, and tree condition levels.

Typically, this monitoring is conducted ‘in-house’ by the FCNSW ecologist during the Spring and Autumn seasons. However, due to the ecologist role being vacant since Spring 2023, WMLIG was contracted to complete the scheduled wetland and understory surveying to ensure continuity of data collection.

The solution

Wetland and understorey monitoring required two separate methodologies. Completion of both methodologies necessitated 21 days in the field, alongside the Joint Indigenous Group and FCNSW Living Murray Project Officer Shelby Taggert, with TLM Icon Site Manager Vincent Kelly in attendance on one of the days.

The high number of plant species present across both the understory and wetland transects posed identification challenges. Ensuring continuity of data collection across two teams was an additional challenge. These challenges were addressed through various strategies, including obtaining plant identification resources from a range of sources and utilizing training and follow-up to maintain consistency across teams.

The impact

This contract presented a valuable opportunity to enhance the skills of local personnel in vegetation species identification and scientific recording methods. Relationships between land management and forest stakeholders were strengthened through this collaboration.

The project has provided an opportunity for WMLIG to collaborate with or assist FCNSW and other entities requiring environmental monitoring activities in the future. Vegetation monitoring is standardised across the TLM icon sites, facilitating broader cooperation and knowledge sharing within the network.

Data and reference photos from the field were collated and supplied to FCNSW on 12 June 2024.

Key facts

  • 21 days in the field
  • 18 completed wetland transects
  • 57 completed understory quadrat surveys
  • 38 Indigenous flora species identified in wetland transects, 55 in the understory quadrants
  • 13 exotic flora species identified in wetland transects, 19 in the understory quadrants

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