Seed Collection Workshop

Barham Public School Seed Collection Workshop at Federation Botanical Reserve

Seed Collection Workshop

Barham Public School Seed Collection Workshop at Federation Botanical Reserve

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The issue

With our environment facing constant challenges, it is vital now more than ever to promote environmental care and empower our young and emerging future Landcarers with knowledge and awareness. If children don't learn about the significance of taking care of our environment at a younger age, they may miss key opportunities to develop sound environmental education, creating long lasting environmental awareness. 

Stimulating an interest in environmental awareness by engaging local school children in age appropriate practical activities that aren't based around technology can be a challenge. It can also be difficult to bring together different groups at times due to busy schedules and workloads.

The solution

The first step to start engaging youth and promoting age appropriate Landcare education was to contact local schools and discuss how to stimulate interest. During the challenging period of Covid-20, the children were very eager to get out of the schoolyard and explore a new area. The workshop timing was ideal for collecting a few local seed varieties. We explored the process of seed collection through to prapogation and seedling care. It was a great way to get children involved and conduct the first of a series of workshops. 

The workshop was held on 29 October 2020, involving Kindergarten and Grade 3/4 from Barham Public School at Federation Botanical Reserve. It was the perfect place for children to explore nature and for us to begin engaging Junior Landcarers. The 10 ha site has over 125 endemic plant species as well as an abundance of wildlife. The morning involved lots of informative, age appropriate discussion about how seed is produced, the many types of native seed pods they can find and why they are all so different, as well as how seed germinates and continues species success. We also discussed seed identification and after a forage, we used activity pages to sort seed into categories of color, size and shape.   

The impact

Relationships continue to be strengthened between Western Murray Land Improvement Group, Landcare NSW, Barham Landcare group and Barham Public School, opening pathways for future related activities.

Age appropriate, hands on activities encouraged the children to be more aware of their natural environment and understand the importance of caring for their natural surroundings. By making the workshop interactive and fun, the children were engaged and excited to take part and left with a better understanding of seed identification and use and the basics surrounding species reproduction and survival.

The workshop enabled promotion of Federation Botanical Reserve and is likely to lead to an increase in site visitation by students, their families and the wider public through a post event newsletter and social media.

Key facts

  • 'Hands On' interactive activities are suited to younger age groups, and impart lasting environmental education and awareness
  • By hosting events outdoors and in natural environments, children become more interested and engaged
  • Collaboration between key groups strengthens relationships and promotes future events and networking - attracting more interest, awareness and members to these groups
  • Promotion of environmental awareness to Junior Landcarers creates a pathway for educated and informed future landcarers to develop knowledge over time and create a strong new generation of environmental caretakers