Soils With David Hardwick

Soils With David Hardwick

Community Participation

The issue

David Hardwick has worked in community development and then horticulture before completing a dairy traineeship on an organic dairy in NSW. Since then, he has had a wide-ranging career working in management and technical roles including Landcare extension, Agronomy, Soils, Agribusiness, Biofertilizer R&D and manufacturing, Helped run a regional farmers market business and worked on a rural cooperative and social enterprise projects. All of which have led him to where he is today at Land, Soil, Food where he teaches soils, regenerative agriculture, farm planning and agroecology. David aims to empower farmers with knowledge and skills that are going to make a difference. Soil, Land, Food delivers high quality innovative extension projects, workshops and courses in soils, regenerative and organic agriculture, agroecology, composting, biofertilizer and landscape management. An important part of farming is understanding your soil biology so you can treat it and crop effectively. Many farmers don’t know that they can do their own soil testing and make the best decisions for how to treat their soil to get the best returns.

The solution

We invited David Hardwick an agroecologist with over 20yrs experience in rural landscapes, farming, and food systems to take a workshop to teach some local landholders the benefits of soil testing, cover crops and PH testing your soil.

The impact

All attendees found the information that was presented in the workshop relevant, engaging, and informative and 9.3 out of 10 were going to make changes to because of the information they received. Including: Do PH balance and soil infiltration testing. Increased ground cover, soil tests and aerating. Soil assessments and improvements. Leave more ground cover

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