Climate Change momentum in YAN

Climate Ready plants are rolling out

Climate Change momentum in YAN

Climate Ready plants are rolling out

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The issue

The YAN Climate Ready Revegetation trial is in its third year and 8 volunteer landholders are hosting trial sites. Tubestock planting occurred in Autumn/Winter 2020, and involved three species: Eucalyptus melliodora (Yellow Box), Acacia deanei (Green wattle) and Dodonaea viscosa (Slender Hop bush). Half the plants of each species were grown from locally sourced seed, while the other half were grown from seed sourced from other provenances.  

The underpinning theoretical concept in the Climate Ready Project is that seed from a variety of provenances gives greater genetic diversity, which is good for natural selection and plant survival in an increasingly hotter and more extreme climate. The question that the trial has been designed to answer is:

 Is there a difference in short-term survival of plants from local seed provenance, compared with plants from non-local seed provenance?

 In November of 2021 and 2022, audits were undertaken of plant survival across all trial sites. The results show that, to date, there is no real difference between the survival of plants grown from local and non-local seed.

Out of a total of 1710 plants planted across the 8 trial sites, 1375 (80%) are still growing. The Acacia deanei is proving to be the fastest grower, however the Dodonaea viscosa was the first to flower in November 2022. Eucalypts have generally had the strongest survival, followed by the Acacias, followed by the Dodonaeas. The Dodonaeas have not done well in the wet conditions of the past few wet seasons.  

The solution

To ensure the continued work and momentum on this project an application was made to the Environmental Trust to fund further work.  The focus of this grant is to enhance the capacity of critically endangered local plant communities to withstand increasing climate pressures within the Yass region.

Future plantings will mitigate climate change by sequestering carbon and provide key habitat and connectivity for restoring biodiversity. This project will also build on further methods for selecting climate ready species, seed provenances, seed sourcing, germination testing, nursery coordination, strategic landscape planting and monitoring.

The impact

The Climate Ready team have also commenced discussions with representatives from the NSW Adapt Climate team to enable us to progress further into seed collecting activities in climate sites which will reflect Yass Valley in 2050 and 2070.



Landcare volunteers are acting locally to combat a changing climate through our seed sourcing strategy.

Key facts

  • Working together we are sowing and growing native plants which will have stronger genetics to combat a changing climate.
  • We are working with key external stakeholders to ensure access to the latest climate information