Fire ready workshop 17 March Yass

Prepare with fire-smart design! Explore fire impacts on ecology, scientific insights, plant flammability and learn to prepare and recover - a People Led Project. Sunday 17 March from 9-3pm at Yass Community Centre - look on YAN facebook for more details.
Explore fire impacts on ecology, scientific insights, plant flammability, and learn to prepare and recover
Learn how to prepared for the unpredictable dance of flames with Yass Landcare's Fire Preparedness Workshop. Join us for an immersive experience where we unravel the intricacies of fire impacts on local landscapes, share the latest scientific insights, and explore the behaviour of this elemental force. Understand plant flammability, discover fire-retardant plant species, and master the art of preparedness through engaging sessions. With the guidance of local experts, learn to design landscapes that resist fire risks and safeguard your home and landscape. This workshop isn't just about readiness; it's a commitment to building resilience and unity in the face of nature's challenges.  In this multi-faceted workshop you will:

-Explore fire impacts on local ecology
-Uncover the latest scientific insights on bushfire impact
-Get familiar with the dynamics of fire behaviour
-Understand flammability and identify fire-retardant plant species
-Equip yourself with vital preparedness strategies
-Gain insights from Country Fire Authority (CFA) videos
-Master landscape design to reduce fire risk
-Implement safety measures around your home and property
-Learn landscape recovery techniques after a fire
-Experience local plant specimens up close
Morning Tea & CFA cooked bbq lunch provided