Search for Yellow-footed Antechinus around Yass

Property owners in the Yass region with large tracts of native bushland or located near large areas of bushland are invited to participate in fauna surveys to help identify populations of the Yellow-footed Antichinus.

The ACT Government is looking to conduct fauna surveys in bushland throughout the Yass region. They are seeking landholders who own large tracts of native bushland (>200 acres or back onto more bushland if smaller) within this area and who are interested in having small mammal trapping conducted on the land. Small live traps are used and the animals are released unharmed once identified. The ACT Governement are looking for populations of the Yellow-footed Antechinus, a small native carnivore. They have been found in the Yass area previously but a similar species, the Agile Antechinus is found in the Gundaroo area. It is a great opportunity to be involved in a wonderful conservation research project and see what small mammal species you may have on your land. I've attached a picture on the Yellow-footed Antechinus. If you are interested please contact Stephanie Pulsford

Phone: +61 2 6207 3805 I Email: