Paddock walks awaken interest

In the complexity of a Box Gum Grassy Woodland community

Paddock walks awaken interest

In the complexity of a Box Gum Grassy Woodland community

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The issue

Several Landcare groups within YAN held walks in the Spring and Summer of 2023-24 on private properties and public lands.  Each walk was lead by an expert who was able to identify plants within the threatened Box Gum Grassy Woodlands community.  One participant said that "It is often the really small plants that are brought to your attention that proves that nature is just so, so resilient in our harsh landscape". 

The solution

The Yass Area Network has four Landcare nurseries and we grow seedlings for the Box Gum Grassy Woodland community. This initiative assists landholders to link remnants of Box Gum Grassy Woodlands, establish new tree lanes and/or adopt the installation of paddock trees across the landscape.  We have a range of understory and ground cover plants which are often missing in our modified landscape, this vegetation layer provides habitat for native animals and especially birds and pollinators.  Our locally grown native plants will eventually form a spring board for new plants as they grow and reproduce in our regional paddocks. 

The impact

Progressively introducing more locally grown plants, grown from a wider genetic pool, plants grown for a range of landscapes from ridgelines, slopes and flats to riparian areas within the threatened Box Gum Grassy Woodland community has been the main driving project of the YAN Landcare groups and Landcare nurseries for the last 5 years.  We are acting locally in the Yass Valley to try to combat the greater changing climate through our YAN Climate Ready project.


When their was a lot of denial that Climate Change was happening - we decided to act locally. 

Key facts

  • Environmental walks raise awareness
  • YAN Climate Ready Project