The future of native seed supplies

What happens if we cannot source required seed?

The future of native seed supplies

What happens if we cannot source required seed?

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The issue

Sourcing native seed is becoming more and more difficult due to a range of factors and this is having an impact on the native plant growing potential within Landcare nurseries.  

There have been numerous industry investigations and discussions in the media on this topic but if a product is limited, no amount of funds can create, highly sought after native seed.

The Challenge: Can we bring the Landcare nursery volunteers together with plant industry specialists from institutions like CSIRO, Greening Australia, National and Regional Botanical Gardens specialists, Native Plant Society groups and regional plant specialist groups who grow threatened and endangered native plants?

Another option is to encourage more people to be trained as an accrediated seed collector?  The seed may be in the region but no-one has found it yet?    

The solution

Some large nursery providers are establishing seed orchards.  Should our Regional Landcare nursery operators attempt such a structured, long term seed production and collection strategy?  Are there other processes that could be adopted?  We need to start conversations between Landcare Nursery volunteers and the wider group of native plant experts.


The impact

We need to act before endangered plants no longer exist in the environment - a changing climate is also speeding up this process in our regional bio-regions. 


Life is a continuous learning experience thus our Landcare nursery volunteers need to work with plant specialists and adopt new practices so that we can be part of the solution to grow and distribute native plants into our regions especially in our changing climate.

Key facts

  • Landcare networks who have teams of nursery volunteers should be encouraged to work with regional flora experts from universities, CSIRO, Botanical Garden groups, Native Plant Societies and specialist growing groups to grow under guidance, local endemic species.
  • If we can link Landcarers who have practical nursery experience with plant specialists we may be able to achieve higher volumns of plants being grown.