About the NSW Landcare Enabling Program

The NSW Landcare Enabling Program is a collaborative initiative of Local Land Services and Landcare NSW empowering Landcarers to take action on local problems and deliver outcomes that address local and regional issues.

The NSW Government has committed $59 million to the Landcare Enabling Program over the next 4 years (2023- 2027). Landcare NSW in partnership with Local Land Services will deliver the Program as a continuation of their long-standing successful partnership.

Phase 1 — Local and regional Coordinators 

The first phase of the program activated $33 million in funding to employ up to 83 full-time equivalent local and regional Landcare coordinators and support staff across NSW. 

Local and regional coordinators play a key role in the program including: 

  • supporting and facilitating the delivery of on-ground projects that care for the local natural environment and agricultural systems 
  • strengthening the capacity of Landcarers by further developing their knowledge and skills 
  • ensuring effective collaboration and partnerships between Landcare groups, Local Land Services, other government agencies and Landcare NSW 
  • leveraging funding opportunities to maximise socio-environmental outcomes. 

This funding also includes up to $5,000 for each local and regional coordinator role to undertake professional development over the course of the 4-year program. 

Landcare NSW and Local Land Services have worked closely with Landcarers to ensure this program meets the needs of Landcare and regional communities.

Phase 2 — NSW Enabling Support Grant  

The second phase of the program will activate $8 million in funding to support Landcare NSW to provide specific enabling services that support host organisations and coordinators who were successful in the Phase 1 grant and to work towards increasing self-sustenance for Landcare NSW and Landcare, thus reducing the reliance on NSW Government direct funding.  

Through the Phase 2 grant, Landcare NSW is eligible to apply for up to $8 million to:  

  • fund the employment of up to 7.5 full-time equivalent staff to provide centralised support to host organisations and coordinators funded under Phase 1 of the Program   
  • establish a shared services hub that provides centralised support to host organisations and coordinators funded under Phase 1 of the Program across a range of business services, but specifically administration, human resources and legal expertise  
  • implement and manage a state Community of Practice including Landcare state gatherings, conferences and regional mini musters  
  • implement and manage a digital Landcare solution to improve reporting processes and knowledge sharing for Program participants 
  • develop partnerships and business processes to increase the self-sustenance for Landcare NSW and Landcare and reduce reliance on NSW Government direct funding.

The Program is a collaborative endeavour of Local Land Services and Landcare NSW, supported by the NSW Government and overseen by a Joint Management Committee. A Memorandum of Understanding underpins the Committee’s operations and those of the Program.

Together, Local Land Services and Landcare NSW are committed to empowering local communities and Landcare groups and networks to deliver sustainable agriculture and to best manage the state’s natural resources.


The previous NSW Landcare Program (2019-2023) was a $22.4 million investment co-delivered by Local Land Services and Landcare NSW, supported by the NSW Government and overseen by a joint management committee. This program ceased on the 30 June 2023. The 2019-23 NSW Landcare Program Strategic Plan outlines the implementation plan of the previous Program from July 2019 to June 2023.

This program built on the Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative (2015-2019), an investment of $15 million over 4 years which ceased on 30 June 2019 and a number of previous Landcare Support Programs and regional Landcare investment made through National Landcare Program and Catchment Action.