Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative Reporting

This is where you will be able to submit your 6 monthly and annual reports.

Please use the menu on the left hand side to find your Agreement.

1. Login - Please ensure that you have logged into the Gateway via the LOG IN link in the top bar.

2. Please navigate to http://www.landcare.nsw.gov.au/local-landcare-coordinator-initiative/reporting (this page)

3. Your Agreement/s should be visible in the left hand column. Click on the agreement to update its details and submit your reports (sub-contracted host organisations have to report via the organisation to whom they are sub-contracted and not via this method - this may be your regional network)

If you are unable to see your agreement/s in the left hand column then you are either not logged in or you are logged in with the wrong credentials. Please contact technical support and we can make sure your credentials are correct.