Resources and Information for Coordinators and host organisations involved in the NSW Landcare Program

Coordinator Activity Tracker

Capturing the numbers that matter. The NSW Landcare Program Coordinator Activity Tracker (CAT) has been designed to provide a quick way for both Local and Regional Coordinators to capture data about the activities they have undertaken directly and the ones that happen as a result of their support.

The Coordinator Activity Tracker is new approach to how as a Coordinator you can collect data about the activities you deliver, support and participate in. With the capacity to capture data real time, the days of getting back to the office just to update the spreadsheet are over!

Data has never been more important in telling the Landcare story and in demonstrating the impact of both the NSW Landcare Program and you as a Coordinator.

Getting Started with the Coordinator Activity Tracker:

To access the Tracker on any device follow this link: Coordinator Activity Tracker

Coordinator Activity Tracker Guidelines:

For information about using the Tracker and frequently asked questions check out the: Coordinator Activity Tracker Guidelines

Check out this video on how to use the Tracker

Getting the most from your data with the Coordinator Activity Tracker Dashboard:

Data is only really powerful if you can view it, sort it and use it to keep you informed or to inform your stakeholders.
The Tracker Dashboard is designed to do just that. 

The Dashboard gives you live access to your data. You can see what else is happening in the state around you and you can sort data to find out just the information you are looking for.

For information on how to get the most from the Dashboard check out the instructional videos: Tracker Videos

Check out the detailed components of the CAT Dashboard in this document CAT Dashboard Explained.

Accessing the Tracker Dashboard

Access to the Dashboard does require permission. As a Local or Regional Coordinator you will be given access to the Dashboard based on an email address that is unique to you.

For information on how to access the Dashboard check out the CAT Dashboard Teams Session Recording (you will need to be logged into DPIE Teams to access this recording) and the Accessing the CAT Dashboard PDF.

Accessing the Tracker from your Mobile Device or Computer:

The Tracker can be accessed anywhere you have a connection. Why not make it faster by adding a shortcut icon to your device or desktop.

To find out how to do just that, check out these instructions:

Adding a Link to the Tracker on your device.

Where does the Tracker fit into Coordinator Reporting?

All Regional and Local Coordinators participating in the Landcare Program will use the Coordinator Activity Tracker to log their activity.  Coordinators are encouraged to make regular entries throughout the year and not leave a backlog of activities to log at one time.  At the end of each calendar quarter, coordinators will be emailed a complete export of all their previous quarter entries to review.  Please review and advise any changes to the dataset to 

Accessing all your raw data.

You will be sent a copy of all the raw data you have submitted for your records every three months.
This will be as an excel worksheet. If you need access to that data at a different time, you can request an current download by emailing: CAT Data Download

Questions or need help?

As always, the Program Team is here to help. If you have any questions please get in touch with any one of us.

The Team's details can be found here: NSW Landcare Program Team Members

(Information current 20/11/2020)