Our aim is to restore our following three endangered ecological communities to their former glory - a) Lowland Rainforest on a Floodplain, b) Swamp Schlerophyll Forest on Coastal Floodplain, c) Swamp Oak Floodplain Forest.

Our three ecological communities were damaged due to salt water inundation and subsequently infested with weeds. Our residents have been conducting weeding works in the hope of restoring these rare pieces of land. Since most of the land has been cleared of weeds, the seed bank in the soil has enabled new native plant growth. Unfortunately foxes have been known to hunt in this area and we have fumigated three dens. Our goal is to donate this endangered ecological community to a conservation organisation, thus ensuring its protection in the future.


Forest Grove Estate joined the Land for Wildlife program in 2015, enabling a sanctuary for our native animals.

Forest Grove Landcare awarded the $700 Stroud Homes Tree Planting Grant.

Weeding project for 3 hectare Lowland Rainforest on a Floodplain within Forest Grove Estate

Equipment Purchased for Lowland Rainforest on a Floodplain

The grant is for 6 person days of ecological restoration.

Weeding program

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