July 20th 2014 marks 25 years since Landcare was announced as a national initiative and Landcare wants to use that day to capture the diversity of Landcare and Landcarers and see what one of Australia’s largest volunteer movement looks like 25 years on. We have been asked for a photo of our Bitou Busters group taken on the actual day. Due to our schedule of working bees we're not able to get together for this but we hope to be with you next year.
Hands Off our Coral Trees Hands Off our Coral Trees

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Mother-of millions Mother-of millions

This is a photo of a road verge in the Hawks Nest area showing the potential for mother-of-millions to form dense communities and spread into bushland, probably from seeds or plant parts inadvertently brought in on machinery, blown off a trailer or deliberately dumped as green-waste.

Myall Coast Naturally Beautiful Myall Coast Naturally Beautiful

The next BB working-bee is on the 24th October, the final one for the year and it will be followed in the afternoon by an early BBQ dinner.