Group's Projects
Groundcovers Groundcovers

Regular maintenance weeding of our site is promoting the spread of native groundcovers such as this geranium.

Autumn Planting 2014 Autumn Planting  2014

Still a large number of natives to plant in our Autumn regrowth project. This area has only recently been opened up with primary weeding to remove the larger privets.

Removal of the 'weed edge' Removal of the 'weed edge'

We have planted and regenerated an area which is hidden from the world by an edge of privet and lantana. This year we hope to remove the weedy edge and reveal our wonderful regenerated bushland.

Weeding tradescantia - turning weeds into compost Weeding tradescantia - turning weeds into compost

Due to the shady and wet nature of our site there is an abundance of tradescantia to deal with, especially along the creekline. Over the years we have raked and left the trad. to dry on rafts however it would not die. We have been using black plastic to form solarisation bundles to transform the trad. into compost for our plantings.