Riparian Restoration of the Numeralla and Badja Rivers

A case study of riparian management by Numeralla Landcare

The Numeralla and Badja Rivers have long been known to be important water sources within

the upper Murrumbidgee catchment. The health of these rivers and the condition of the riparian

zones has an immense influence on overall water quality, not only for the many downstream

users but also biodiversity within the region. Changes in conditions like water turbidity or an

increase in weed seed dispersal can have far reaching effects.


The management of riparian areas and the control of weeds along the upper reaches of the

Numeralla and Badja rivers has been an ongoing project since the early 90’s, when a CSIRO

forest researcher moved to Numeralla and mobilised the community. With this the Numeralla

Landcare group formed and since mid 1990 has facilitated the management of riparian zones

throughout the area. During this time Numeralla Landcare has worked with numerous NRM

organisations and sourced several grants to achieve weed control, vegetation restoration and

erosion mitigation.