Connecting Our Waterways - useful resources


The NSW Office of Water is responsible for managing the state's water sources. A key part of this responsibility is ensuring compliance with water management legislation to enable the secure and sustainable sharing of water between users.

Information about water management, compliance and licensing is available on their website.


Restoring Waterways with 'Sticks and Stones'

Watershed Artisans Inc - Craig Sponholtz embraces the philosophy that degraded land can best be healed with regenerative practices that are inspired by natural processes. His New Mexico based business creates solutions that are beautiful, resilient, and blend harmoniously into the surrounding landscape. Visit the website for some education resources and inspiration.

Earth Integral - Visit Cam Wilson's website for some Australian examples of working with natural processes to restore landscapes.

You can also check out some examples of Craig and Cam's work done with Watershed Landcare during the Sticks & Stones project.


Riparian Vegetation

Mudgee District Tree List - A handy guide to choosing native species for planting in various regions of our district.