2021 Photos

Mural and children Mural and children

School children at a YACTAC education event. In Jerilderie on the bakery wall there is a mural of the Yanco Creek System and wedge-tailed eagle.

Macroinvertebrates Macroinvertebrates

Cathie LeBusque from Sustainable Farms kept people interested with the little critters (macroinvertebrates) found in the creek at "Tarrabah", Morundah, NSW.

CSU survey set up CSU survey set up

Charles Sturt University and YACTAC out in the field setting up monitoring equipment along the Yanco Creek System.

Curious emus Curious emus

Emus came to investigate as monitoring equipment was being set up at "Rheola" near Moulamein.

White-bellied sea eagle nest White-bellied sea eagle nest

White-bellied Sea-Eagles build large stick nests which are used for many seasons years. Their conservation status is considered "Vulnerable" in NSW.

Yarrabee plant out Yarrabee plant out

Seven volunteers and Yarrabee staff planted 200 seedlings along Washpen Creek Morundah, NSW.