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Action plan for vine weeds

An Action Plan for the management of vine weeds in the greater Macleay catchment has been prepared to identify key actions for the strategic management of these weeds.

Biosecurity Riparian Waterways (streams and rivers aka riparian) Weed control Planning

Working wonder with weeds

Combating Tree of Heaven

Biosecurity Community

Manning-Great Lakes Sheep and Goat Group

Bringing landholders together to build sustainable small ruminant production skills

Group formation Small Farms Biosecurity Sustainable Agriculture

South West Inverell Landcare Group Coordinated Pest Control Project

Ten landholders in the South West Inverell Landcare Group (SWI) were provided with mobile pig traps, Canid Pest Ejectors and Trail Cameras in order to trap and monitor vertebrate pests, namely wild dogs, pigs and foxes.


Farm Biosecurity for Glen Innes producers

GLENRAC has hosted an evening information event on 26th September 2017 to connect livestock producers with information on farm biosecurity planning. The event attracted 156 participants.

Sustainable Agriculture Livestock Workshops Community Biosecurity Resources

Fruit tree pruning workshop

Care and pruning workshops for backyard orchardists

Western Slopes & Plains Horticulture Pest control Community Biosecurity

Backyard Fruit Tree Care & Pruning Workshops

Tackling a local biosecurity issue in an engaging way

Western Slopes & Plains Horticulture Biosecurity Pest control Education