LachLandcare (LLi) is the representative network of Landcare members and groups (landholders and community members) stretching across all areas of the Lachlan River catchment.


There are currently seven active district Landcare networks, with numerous local groups and more than 1400 members.

LachLandcare (LLI) advocates, communicates and mentors the Landcare philosophy, action and outcomes in the Lachlan to create resilient landscapes and communities.

LLI facilitates and builds collaborative partnerships, and optimizes resource investments to help community and landholders to restore the health of communities and landscapes.

LLi has a proven track record of planning, resourcing and delivery of biodiversity, landscape services, productivity, community and financial outcomes.

The Lachlan River commences in the upper reaches of the catchment near Lake George in the tablelands, travels through the slopes and terminates on the plains in a series of wetlands and diverging creeks 1450 km to the west. The terminal system that makes up the Lachlan is unique in the Murray-Darling Basin and features wetlands of national significance including Lake Cowal, the Booligal wetlands and the Great Cumbung Swamp.

The main agricultural enterprises are dryland cereal production, fat lambs, cattle and wool production, with 22% of the catchment population employed in the natural resource sector.

Key Issues in the Region:

  • Dryland salinity
  • Declining surface water quality
  • Declining health and abundance of native vegetation, impacting on the loss of biodiversity
  • Degradation of riparian and wetland ecosystems
  • Deterioration of soils (minerals and biology).
  • Lack of consistent funding and support.
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