Mid Lachlan Landcare is a community organisation committed to the regeneration of land and communities around Canowindra, Cowra, Eugowra, Gooloogong, Greenethorpe, Koorawatha, Lyndhurst, Wyangala and Woodstock.

In the Mid Lachlan Landcare district we are caring in ways that include:
- Improving connectivity for native wildlife in the Kanangra Boyd to Wyangala Link (K2W), part of the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative.
- Growing the Grazing Revolution - Our project that supports local networks of producers in adopting sustainable grazing practices
- Billy Goat Hill Rehabilitation- habitat enhancement within remnant white box woodland
- Squirrel Glider Project - Monitoring of a threatened population of squirrel glider's and their uptake of artificial nest boxes
- Educational Tours for students that showcase local action on salinity and natural resource management issues.



Mid-Lachlan Landcare has supported members of Hovells Creek Landcare by supplying cat traps to their "Cat-Doggers" project. Steve Austin, who once headed a federal quarantine operation and has used his dogs in ‘Search and Rescue’, is using his dogs to control a feral cat problem.

Mid Lachlan Landcare have devised a program for six local grazing farms to establish sample plots that will be crash and time grazed then professionally monitored over two years to see if they find ecological and production improvements.

Grazing management

Bush regeneration, planting, bird and vegetation surveys

Threatened species

Our Nature Classroom Program incorporates aspects of the K-6 Geography curriculum and is available to all local Primary Schools in the Mid-Lachlan area.

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