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Revive. Renew. Re-engage

We're back!


Celebrating Connectivity Conservation

Seeing is believing

Biodiversity Community

Weed Management Field Day

Weed management field day for cattle and horse owners

Weed control Planning Education Workshops

Building our presence in the local community

Promoting a newly-formed network

Publicity Community Education

Understanding our community

Landholder survey

Education Estuary Resources


Connecting farmers and communities through showcasing local farming enterprises

Youth Soils


Building resilience thru' riparian landscape links by devolved incentive grants to landholders

Riparian Soils Erosion Control Biodiversity Planning

Talking About 'It'

Gwymac partnered with the Country Women's Association of Bundarra and Farm-Link to host a get-together to talk about 'it' - suicide prevention, mental health and wellbeing in the bush!

Mental Health Workshops Community Soils Education

Macintyre River Focus, Northern NSW

Gwymac partnered with Northern Tablelands Local Land Services (NT LLS) to identify landholders in priority sub catchments to engage in river restoration and rehabilitation.

Riparian Erosion Control Planning Water quality

Masterman Range Landcare Group - It's Alive!

After a number of years 'in the wilderness', a small Landcare Group has breathed new life into an 'old' group thanks to new membership, renewed interest and the Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative.

Resources Community

Biodiversity Forum

Share Learn Connect

Urban and Peri-urban Biodiversity Education Workshops

Cattai Hills Environment Network

Re-invigorating Landcare in the Cattai catchment and Hills Shire

Urban and Peri-urban Community

Landcare Online

Raising awareness and buidling connections across Greater Sydney

Urban and Peri-urban Publicity

Cumberland Plain Landcare Support

A support Program for western Sydney's Landcare and Bushcare community

Urban and Peri-urban Soils Biodiversity Public Lands and Reserves

Greater Sydney Intrepid Landcare

Inspiring the next Landcare generation in Sydney.

Urban and Peri-urban Youth Planning Education Community

Strategic Plan (Sep16-Jun19)

Development of the Greater Sydney Landcare Network's Strategic Plan

Urban and Peri-urban Planning Education Workshops

Making Landcare Accessible

Implementing a Work Health & Safety Audit

Resources Community

Spotlight on Diversity and Conservation

Spotlighting our regions nocturnal native wildlife as a fun way to engage the community in conserving biodiversity.

Primary Schools Look at Creek Health

Drake and Jennings primary schools visit Tenterfield and use water bugs to determine the creeks health.

Training for Native Revegetation

Training in best practice methods for successful native revegetation activities

Soils Native Vegetation Workshops Education