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Corridor connectivity through collaboration and co-investment

Native Vegetation Biodiversity Education Local Government

Many hands helping Hospital Hill

A new group tackles an old problem

The story of the Southern Corroboree Frog

Moving a Mountain

Wetlands Biodiversity Education Community Habitat

Bringing South Western NSW into the Landcare Network

Western Landcare NSW has implemented a number of methods to bring new members into the regional network.

Community Resources

BBQing New Life into Landcare

BBQ and Landcare Coordinator boosted Murray Darling Junction Landcare Group MDJLG member numbers to new levels.

Urban and Peri-urban Native Vegetation Public Lands and Reserves

Grazing at 'The Gardens'

Gwymac Inc partnered with the Inverell Community Gardens to provide hands on practical training to local High School Agricultural students on the importance of ground cover and strategic grazing to improve soil organic carbon and pasture biomass.

Landcare at the Farming Together Forum

Western Landcare Coordinator attended the Farming Together Forum in Adelaide to learn about regional marketing and sustainable agricultural promotion.


Talkin' Turtles

An educational experience showcasing Our Living River mascot, the eastern long-necked turtle.

Urban and Peri-urban Biodiversity Education

Riverkeeper Network Meeting

The Inaugural Riverkeeper Network Meeting

Biodiversity Monitoring Community Planning Water quality Urban and Peri-urban

Secret Life of Eels

Connecting the community to the river through traditional and scientific stories of the Long-finned Eel

Urban and Peri-urban Education Biodiversity Cultural Heritage

Bundilla Scout Planting Day

A Treemendous day for Bundilla Scouts

Weed control Youth Native Vegetation Education Urban and Peri-urban

Junior Landcare

Sustainable agriculture & Natural Resource Management awareness & education

Protecting Native Flora

Redlands Hill Reserve, biodiversity

Connected Corridors

Native vegetation protection and regeneration

Native Seed Propagation Workshop

Training to support the Hillview Park Community Garden & Landcare Nursery Project

Native Vegetation Biodiversity Community Workshops

High School Students Plant Trees at Gum Bend Lake - Condobolin

Two-hundred salt-tolerant tree and shrub species planted to help counteract salinity

Riparian Native Vegetation Education Public Lands and Reserves Salinity

Condobolin Schools Environment Day 2017

Primary students from around the Condobolin District were engaged in environmental learning at this event

Native Vegetation Biodiversity Riparian Workshops Youth Soils Education Pest control

South West Inverell Landcare Group Coordinated Pest Control Project

Ten landholders in the South West Inverell Landcare Group (SWI) were provided with mobile pig traps, Canid Pest Ejectors and Trail Cameras in order to trap and monitor vertebrate pests, namely wild dogs, pigs and foxes.

Ephemeral at Panboola

Panboola wetland engages a new and diverse audience through 'Ephemeral' - a one day festival of art inspired by nature.

Youth Wetlands Education Community

Productivity & Diversity Can Go Hand in Hand

Gwymac Inc partnered with the Ashford Landcare Group and invited Colin Seis to Ashford, northern NSW to talk about multi-species cropping and the benefits to both agriculture and the environment.