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Shoalhaven Post Bushfire Support

After the devastating bushfires of December 2019 and January 2020, local Landcarers and volunteers rallied to support local wildlife

Allendale Landcare Group

Formation of a new Landcare Group in response to bushfire recovery actions

Greater Sydney Landcare Strategic Plan review

A review of the GSLN Strategic Plan (2016-2019) was carried out and amended to guide us for the next three years

Lake Pillans Clean Up Australia Day

Fire affected Lithgow Community coming together to clean up a much loved local Landcare site

Community Public Lands and Reserves Riparian Urban and Peri-urban

Lithgow Oberon Landcare Association go to the Rydal Show

Engaging the local community through a popular and well attended local rural show

#nativetrees Community Biodiversity #tree planting

Claire Cottage butterfly and wildlife haven

Creating a wildlife corridor between Junuy Juluum NP and a private land rainforest conservation remnant on the Dorrigo Plateau

Drought Resistant Herds and Pastures

Building Drought Resistant Herds and Robust Pastures

A Growing Issue

Closure of a local nursery created an opportunity to develop a community nursery

Healthy Horses Healthy Landscapes

Field day held in Cargo on managing horses to keep them, and the landscape they are kept in, healthy

Saving Our Species - Birds on Farms project

Monitoring threatened nectar-lovers on farms in Southern NSW

Armatree Comedy Festival

A relaxing afternoon of fun and laughter to help relieve some drought related stress and help prevent social isolation

Pest Management Groups

Farm managers taking control of pest management using a coordinated approach.

Landscape Recovery through Regional Connectivity

Landcare groups in the South East of NSW have developed a collaborative approach to supporting bushfire recovery

Water Divining Wombats

Wildlife monitoring cameras show wildlife using waterholes dug by wombats during severe drought.

Covid Conversion

Converting to Covid-19 required us to adapt and extend ourselves.

Do Squirrel gliders live on Nail Can Hill?

A Community Nest Box project

Birds of a feather flock together

Building pride in the community for their local environmental assets

Landcare in a Cultural Landscape

Working in partnership with the community to improve our land, water and biodiversity and embed Aboriginal Cultural Values into Landcare

Muster of Landcare groups in the South East

“People with common interest and purpose coming together to share & learn” Bill Pigott

Reuse, renew and recycle

Alternatives to plastic wraps.