Community native plant nursery

Murrumbateman Landcare Group runs a volunteer community native plant nursery.

If you are interested in improving the biodiversity of your property with native plants, and you are a financial member of MLG, you can order native plants each year at no charge. Plants are not available to non-members.

It’s a good idea to think about what your property needs before you make an order, and you can talk to a nursery manager for guidance. We also encourage you to provide feedback about your planting, and we encourage volunteers to help out at the nursery.

Download the MLG complete planting and nursery guide for everything you need to know about planning, ordering and caring for plants. Links are provided below to separate sections in the guide.

Planning your planting

Planning your revegetation efforts will give plants the best chance to survive and thrive. Before you order plants, think about where you will be planting, what species you need, how you will get them all in the ground and watered, and how they will be protected.


Members can request plants by filling in the online form. Members will be alerted by email when orders have opened – please get your orders in before the cut-off date. Orders are available in lots of 20 plants (a single half tray of 10 plants is also possible). You can request either a mix of species to suit your landscape, or specific species.


Plant survival depends on preparing the ground, careful planting and watering, and protecting the plants.

Monitoring and feedback

We need feedback about how many plants have survived after they were planted out. This helps us to plan our species list. It also goes into grant applications to fund the nursery, so that we can continue to provide plants for members. Please let us know how your plants have fared.

Helping out at the nursery

The nursery is completely staffed by volunteers and regular working bees are held to propagate and look after the plants. It is hoped that members will help the nursery in some way if they possibly can – please consider giving some time so everyone can benefit from the nursery resources.

Working bees are usually held on the first Saturday of each month, from 9.30 am to 11.30am. Other days are organised as required, and members notified by email. There are also some jobs that can be done at home.