MLG resource material

Presentations made to Murrumbateman Landcare Group and documents produced by Murrumbateman Landcare Group.

Planning for planting, July 2018 - presentation

A talk by Dr Sue McIntyre given to MLG 5 July 2018. Covers species selection, vegetation and landscape types, whether you need to plant, and various Acacia species.

Biocontrol of rabbits, March 2017 - presentation

Presentation made to Murrumbateman Landcare Group in March 2017 by Dr Tanja Strive, CSIRO. The talk covered the co-evolutionary arms race between rabbits and their viruses, with a focus on the 2017 release of Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus (calicivirus).

Reptiles of the ACT and Yass Valley, June 2017 - presentation

Similar to a talk presented by Geoff Robertson to MLG in 2015. Please note the file size before downloading - about 9Mb.

Farm dam walk - MLG Field Trip, February 2017

The walk was led by Sue McIntyre and Jacqui Stol. The document provides useful information on farm dam management.

Local native plants suitable for planting or direct seeding in the Murrumbateman region - short document

This is a selection of species that have been found amenable to nursery propagation and direct seeding. The list was prepared by Sue McIntyre in September 2016 and revised in September 2017.

Murrumbateman Landcare Linking Biodiversity, 2012-2017, presentation - by Jenilee Delandre, April 2017

Jenilee Delandre provides a wrap up of the LLB project as it completes its 6th year, including some statistics on land holder participation, and the on-ground works to protect and extend native vegetation and linking habitat across the region. Includes pictures and stories about the project as it evolved.

Beetles in farming landscapes, July 2017 - presentation

Talk presented to Murrumbateman Landcare Group by Katherina Ng, July 2017.

Riparian zone management & gully erosion remediation - MLG Field Trip, June 2017.

Riparian zone management & gully erosion remediation - MLG Field Trip, June 2017. Led by Haydn Burgess, Senior Project Officer at Greening Australia.

A discussion on the different uses and concepts of "sustainability", August 2017 - presentation

With a particular focus on sustainable use of natural resources (including native biodiversity) in rural landscapes. The discussion was led by Sue McIntyre of MLG; the reference is McIntyre, S., McIvor, J. G. & Heard, K. M. (2002) (eds) Managing and conserving grassy woodlands (see Useful publications).

Local native hedging plants - brochure

Produced by Murrumbateman Landcare Group.

Want to know how to protect your grassy box gum woodlands? - video

Talk by Jacqui Stol from CSIRO (MLG president) about protecting grassy box gum woodlands. There is a short and long version on the linked page.

'Whose scat is whose' competition Murrumbateman Field Days 2017

There were over 50 entries to the 'Whose scat is whose' competition, held at the Murrumbateman Field Days, 2017. The highest score was 11 out of 13, with one score of 10 and several of 9. Congratulations to the first and second place winners, both of whom have won a Family pass to the Snakes Alive exhibition at the ANBG in January! The second and equal third place winners were sisters, aged 9 and 7 - we're impressed! The answers can be found in the attached file (1.7 Mb).

Native Australian truffles and mushrooms, July 2010 - presentation

Presentation made to Murrumbateman Landcare Group in July 2010 by Professor James Trappe.