Adding a Page

How to create a web page on a Gateway site.

A web page is a normal page which displays the text and or images on the screen, and can be created by users simply.

The main body of the page can be formatted if you use the default editor to include pictures, headings, sub headings, text format and layout.

To create a web page, you must first have the rights to manage content in the area you want. See relevant how-to for this.

  1. Login, and navigate to the relevant section of the website
  2. Click on add new above page, and select Page from the list
    add page
  3. When edit page loads, enter the title of the page.
  4. In the description, include the first paragraph of the item. This will show in the folder listing summary, and as the first paragraph on the page.
  5. In the body text section you can add all the details of who, what, where when and why, including background information etc. If you are using the online editor, you can insert images, formatting using the relevant icons
  6. You can load an image/picture to display in the page body, if you are using the editor, including images already on the site, or upload new images. Click on the image icon above the text field, then navigate to the picture file, or click on the upload button to load a new image (see below)
    insert image
  7. If you have further information about the page content, or want to refer users to other information loaded in the group area, or somewhere else on the same website, click on the Categorisation tab at top of pace, then on the browse button below related items, and when the navigation popup appears, navigate to the area these are stored. Click on insert next to each item you want to link to. Once all are selected, click on close window and they will be listed below the page.
  8. Note that there are a number of other data entry pages, with tabs that show above the page, including Default, Categorisation, Ownership, Settings and Mapping.
  9. The Categorisation tab allows users to select one or multiple keywords for the page.  These will allow the page to show in searches for these keywords.
  10. The Settings tab allows users to decide if discussion is enabled so other users can add comments, or if the page is hidden from navigation.
  11. The Mapping tab allows the creation of a map point for the page, based on an address or general location. See Mapping how to for details.
  12. Then click on save button. Check all the information is correct, and if required, click on the edit button above the page to change anything.
  13. If all is ok, the page is finished, or to change anything, click on Edit button above the page and alter the content as required.

Note that all text loaded onto a web page in the gateway will become searchable text, ie will display in any search that includes those words.