Change personal settings

How to change personal settings such as password and email address.

You can manage some of the settings that relate to how you interact with the website when you are logged in.

When you first join the site, and login, the introduction page will give a link to your personal preferences.

Any other time that you have logged in, your name will appear in bottom left of the page.

Clicking on your Full Name will take you to a menu with various options. One of them is Preferences. Clicking on Preferences will open a list of personalisation options. The choices include change your password, or you can go to the personal preferences and change key preferences in your site.

The personal information form allows you to set a number of preferences that including your email. These preferences are stored on the server so they’re retained between uses of the site. The options are:

  • Full name: This is the full name you gave when you registered with the site.
  • E-mail: This is the e-mail address associated with your membership and is used a number of places in a gateway site. Most important, if you lose or forget your password, this is the address to which the system will send it.  If you change your email address, please ensure you alter it in your preferences.
  • Content editor: When editing body text, the default is to have the content editor working. The editor to select isTinyMCE for these sites. If you do not want to use the editor, change this option to 'none'
  • Portrait: The Portrait field allows you to upload a picture of yourself. The picture should be 75 by 100 pixels. This is probably not worth worrying about as few will be able to access this.

Once you’ve made the desired changes, click the Save button to commit the changes.