Code of conduct

Users who have editing rights or are thinking of posting on the Gateway are asked to please take notice of the following house rules so that the Gateway experience is enjoyable for themselves and their readers.

The Landcare Gateway is like Landcare out in the “real” world. Feel free to express your honest thoughts on your Gateway page – just remember they will be seen by a whole range of people.

If you are sharing facts about a living person, make sure you that you can prove these facts are true. Libel has serious legal and personal consequences and if what you are saying can’t be verified, it cannot be posted to the Gateway.

Please note we cannot allow material on the Gateway that either breaks the law or incites others to break the law.

If you have a Facebook or a Twitter feed on your Gateway listing, also keep in mind that what you are posting via your Facebook and Twitter pages may be appearing on your Gateway listing.

Gateway admin reserves the right to edit and delete your postings on your Gateway listing and take further action if they are inappropriate or offensive, or illegal.

Be considerate when you upload to your listing.

When uploading files to the Gateway, be aware that people will have to download them to read them. Please don’t make them too big.

There are ways of keeping file sizes down. Large reports can be cut up into sections. Photos can have quite low resolutions and still look good on a computer screen, so make sure you have the right pixel setting on your camera.

If you have to upload a large file give your audience plenty of warning.  For any file over 2MB include a line in the link that tells the reader what size it is.

Be honest when you upload to your listing.

If you are uploading somebody else’s work, you should have permission to use it before you do it.

If you have got permission, make sure you mention the original author when you are quoting from their work.

If you follow these house rules when you are uploading the NSW Landcare Gateway will be more enjoyable experience for everyone.