Embed a You Tube video

How to embed a You Tube video into your listing

You can set up a video folder on your Gateway listing where you can embed You Tube videos for viewing.

First set up your video folder

1) Make sure you're logged in.

2) On the front page of your Gateway listing, click on the green editing bar "Add new" and "Folder"

3) Name your folder "Video folder" or whatever you want to call it.

4)  Don't bother entering anything in the description - it won't show on the final page.

5) Click "Save"

Now things get interesting... Welcome to Portlet pages.

1) Click your new Video Folder in the black box on the right hand corner of the Gateway page

2) On the green editing bar on this folder, click "add new" and "portlet page"

3) Enter a title

4) Enter a description and body text if you want. This is the text that will show on the video page

5) Click "Save"

Now this portlet page is where your videos will be embedded, but there is something we must fix before you start entering videos - this is to make sure that viewers go straight to your portlet page when the Video Folder is clicked without going through additional links.

1) Click on the Video Folder

2) On the green editing bar click "display" then "Select a content item as default view"

3) The select default page menu appears. Select the portlet page and click Save

4) The portlet page now appears when the video folder is clicked.

Now we are ready to start embedding videos. This is a two step process - First we need to enter the Video tile and any description.

1) On the portlet page click "Manage Portlets" on the green editing bar.

2) You will get a Manage Portlet page that will look like this

3) Click the "Add Portlet" menu at the top of the page - this will place your titles and videos in consecutive order from the top of the portlet page (NB click the other Portlet page menus puts the titles and videos at other places on your page).

4) Scroll down the portlet text menu and select "Static text portlet"

5) The portlet  will then open up. Enter something in the portlet header (not necessarily the title). It is used as the link to the portlet from the portlet page and you have to put something in

6) Now enter the title and anything other text that you want to display next the video in the text box.

7) Now very important - click the check box next to "Omit Portlet Border" If you leave it unchecked the portlet header will display and unhappily the font that is hard wired into it isn't very good.

8) Click "Save"

9) To edit the portlet click on the portlet title in the Manage Portlet screen.

NOW - you can put in the Video

1) Click on the Add portlet menu again

2) This time select the Raw HTML Portlet

3) Now open another window on your browser and go to the You Tube website.

4) Find the video you want to embed

5) Click the  "Share" tab  under the video

6) A menu then appears - click the "Embed" tab

7) A line of HTML stuff appears underneath the "Embed" tag. Select and copy all of it.

8) Now come back to the browser window with your Raw HTML Portlet and paste the HTML in the HTML Text field

9) Fill in the Title and click the check box against Omit portlet border

10) Click "Save"

11) To display the video click "View" on the green editing

12) Make sure your page is published if you're ready to go