Granting editing rights

How to grant editing rights to another gateway user.

You are allowed to grant rights equivalent to your own rights to any other gateway user. So, if you are able to edit content for a specific gateway group section then you will be able to grant similar rights to someone else.  This is useful where another group member wants to be able to add information to your group site.

First, you must login to the region site.

Then, you need to determine the point from which you want to grant the rights. In most cases this will be the home of your gateway site. You should navigate to this location. Note that all content is arranged in a heirarchy and rights are applicable to the point at which they were granted and below. For instance you may grant rights for a project only and in that case the new editor will only be able to edit content in that project.

Once you are at the right location, then you will see a 'sharing' tab towards the top of the page. Click on this tab and you will see the sharing options.

Sharing example

The next step is to search for the user who needs access. You do this by typing in either their username, email address or name. You can search for any part of their name and their username is the best option as it is unique to that user only.

Once you have found the correct member then tick all the boxes - can add, can edit, can view, can review - and press the save button.

You can now notify the other member that they are able to add/edit content for the gateway.