Link Facebook and Twitter to Gateway listing

How to link your group Facebook and Twitter to your Gateway listing

How to put your Facebook and Twitter feeds on your site.

1) First log in

2) Go to your group's listing

3) Click edit on the bright green editing bar near the top of your group's home page

4) You are on the Default page of your group's editing template. Stay on this page and scroll down to the "Associate Facebook Page" and then...

Important - there are two different types of Facebook addresses

The first type has the general format Now what needs to go in is whatever facebookpagename is for you. Just that word, no before, no ?fref=ts after, otherwise the link will not work

5a) So if your Facebook address is, just enter mylandcaregroup in the Associated Facebook Page field

Now for the other type of Facebook address

These have the formats such as or We are using "uniqueserialmunber" here to represent a serial number unique to each of types of Facebook sites. When you are enter a Facebook link of this type enter the serial number only. Do not enter your group name, even if the address has one, and do not include anything else or the link won't work.

5b) So if your Facebook address is, copy and paste 123456789012 on the Associated Facebook Page field.

Entering a Twitter Feed

6) Go to the Field "Associated Twitter ID"

7) Entering a Twitter Feed is fairly easy. All Twitter site have the format When entering a feed enter whatever @TwitterName represents on your site and nothing else. So for a site called enter @LandcareGroup in the Associated Twitter ID field.

8) When you have entered your Facebook and/or Twitter feed. Click Save.

9) You will now see your Facebook and Twitter feeds on your site.