Link your listing to other Gateway listings

How to use 'Related Groups'

You can link to other groups as related organisations. Your group listing will have a link to the target group’s listing. The target group will also have a reciprocal link back to your listing.

To start a link

1)    Make sure you are logged in – navigate to your listing.

2)    Once at your page, if you are logged in and have editing rights on the page you should see a bright green editing bar at the top on your group’s page.

Edit Site.jpg

3)    Click on the Edit tab – your site’s editing template will appear.


4)    Click on the Categorization Tab on the Template to go to the categorization page.

5)    To link to your target group click the “Add” Button under “Related Organisations”. A search box will appear.

6)    Type one full word of the name of your target group in the Search Field.

7)    Click “Search” A list of groups with your search word appear

8)    Find your target group on the list and click the box next to it. A tick will appear if it’s selected.

9)    Click outside the search box to make it disappear

10)    Go to end of the template page and click “Save”. Your link has now been made.


I want to link my group to my local Landcare Network. How can I do that?

Landcare groups can link to their networks by using the “Member of “. A reciprocal link will be established between your group and the Landcare Networks.

The steps to establish a “Member of” link are exactly the same as linking as a related organisation, except at Step 5 you click the “Add” Button under “Member Of”

I am running a Landcare Network listing. Can I link to my member groups using the “Member Of” link?

Only the editors of member group listings can link to the network using the “Member Of” link. If you want to link to your member groups independently, you must use the “Related Organisations” link.

I am trying to link to a group but I can’t find their name.

If you can’t find the group’s name in the search box (after checking spelling and variations), it probably means the group hasn’t started a listing yet.

I made a link to a group but it asks me to login when I click on the link.

The target group has an offline listing on the Gateway. The link to the group will not work until the owner of the listing agrees to the listing being published.

How do I remove a link?

1)    Go to the Categorization page of your group’s editing template.

2)    Uncheck the box of the link you wish to remove.

3)    Go to the end of the page and click “Save”.