Six easy things to add to your Gateway listing

Six easy to add items to your listing
  1. Add your logo - Nothing like a snappy brand to show them who you are. What no logo?! Put a photo of your group, a photo of one of your projects or a picture of what you think the group is about, (Play nice on copyright and don't make the file too big please). You can upload a logo by editing your group's front page.
  2. Tell us something about your group - Now that you're editing your front page, you can put a few lines in about what your group does - aims, objectives, history, juicy facts. Put one line in the summary and the rest in body text field. You can also put formatting, links and pictures in the body text field.
  3. Add your group's Facebook and/or Twitter Feed - Nothing like a good Facebook page to tell people about your group's news and opinions. Social media feeds are edited on the front page, below where you put the logo.
  4. Link to your network - If you are part of a Landcare or Bushcare network, you may want to link to their Gateway listing. Only the administrators of the network page can select which groups appear on their Gateway listing so contact your network and ask to be added as a member group on their listing.
  5. Add news and events - A really simple thing to do, Go to either the news or events menu tab and hit ADD.  Items created here appear on the homepage of the Gateway.
  6. Tell us about your favourite project - From the side menu Projects, hit ADD and fill in the fields about your Project.