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Riverfest 2017

Celebrating landcare activities in the catchment that help make the Parramatta River swimmable again

Urban and Peri-urban Riparian Biodiversity Local Government Habitat

Grazing for the Future

Grazing, Cropping and Diversity on farms

Combating Weeds in the Tarcutta Valley

Tarcutta Landcare undertake strategic and coordinated blackberry rust release

Vine Weeds - Upper Macleay

Revisiting Vines of the Upper Macleay

2017 Glen Innes Pasture Update

GLENRAC worked in collaboration with 7 partner organisations to host a Pasture Update on the 22nd March 2017. The event attracted 127 participants.

Soils Education Livestock Community

A productive partnership

Landcare and the LLS achieving together

Microbats in the Young Shire

This project is designed to provide habitat for up to 15 species of microbat through the installation of roosting boxes, the provision of future habitat through tree and shrub planting, and also aims to increase community awareness.

Barb Busters

Barbed wire removal for the benefit of wildlife on working farms

Biodiversity Education Community

Fruit tree pruning workshop

Care and pruning workshops for backyard orchardists

Pest control Community

The Truth About Trees

Restoring connectivity and improving biodiversity and productivity in the Yass area.

Soils Biodiversity Education Grazing Workshops

Feral (and not so feral) cats: The good, the bad and the ugly

Yass Landcare Group recently held an informative meeting with feral cat expert Dr Tony Buckmaster from University of Canberra about feral cats in the area.

Pest control

Three-tiered Approach

Using three key aspects in sheep production to drive profit

Strong Communities Initiative

Local steering committee forms to combat community decline


Improving Resources

Employment of additional labour resource fulfilling group objectives

Improving Native Plant Identification

Native plant identification day improves knowledge, promotes group activities and future planning requirements

Native Vegetation Biodiversity Education Workshops

Dryland Pasture Walk & Talk

Local research on dryland pasture species explained during an interactive field day

Grain Farmers Improve Storage

Grain storage workshop enables producers to maintain grain quality on-farm

Ewes for the Future

Comparing the merits and profitability of sheep breeds for farming enterprises

Resourcing effectively

Electronic evaluation improves resource allocation and leverages funding support

Planning Education Resources

Community Response to Blackwater

A community initiated response to fish deaths