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GLENRAC Finds Focus

GLENRAC has piloted short evening information events over 2018 as a way to attract new participants to Landcare activities.

January 2019   Soils Biodiversity Community

Nabiac Landcare Group

Bringing biodiversity back in the village of Nabiac

January 2019   Urban and Peri-urban Weed control Native Vegetation Biodiversity

National Tree Day in Lithgow

Supporting and increasing strategic community engagement

December 2018   Riparian Biodiversity Public Lands and Reserves Community

Restoring Farmers Creek & Reviving Urban Landcare in Lithgow

Providing support to improve biodiversity and revive Landcare in our area

December 2018   Native Vegetation Biodiversity Local Government Community

Swamped by Threats

Partnerships supporting the protection of endangered vegetation communities

December 2018   Weed control Wetlands Biodiversity Public Lands and Reserves

Superb Project Support

Project partners deliver excellent value for the investment.

November 2018   Biodiversity Resources Community

Rice Stubble Management

Communicating best practice stubble management to rice growers

December 2018   Biodiversity Education Community

Atlas of Life Budawang Coast

Development of online database for species records: Identifying a need and making it happen!

September 2018   Estuary Biodiversity Habitat Community

Art for Trees Sake

How are young people grappling with the death of thousands of Ribbon Gums in the Monaro landscape?

September 2018   Biodiversity Education

Cam Wilson Bus Trip

Water and soil - we need it!

June 2018   Native Vegetation Biodiversity Erosion Control

National Threatened Species Day 2017, Glen Innes

GLENRAC secured financial support from Landcare NSW's 2017 Regional Australia Bank's funding. This funding supported two events to celebrate National Threatened Species Day, 7th September.

March 2018   Biodiversity Education Pest control Community

Box Gum Woodland Photography Competition

Showcasing the Beauty of our Community and Environment

April 2018   Biodiversity Habitat Community

Birdwatching & BBQ'ing

Landcare Group mixes work & pleasure

April 2018   Biodiversity

Purple Copper Butterfly Community Day

Extending coverage and providing support to more groups, networks and landholders

March 2018   Biodiversity

Corridor connectivity through collaboration and co-investment

March 2018   Native Vegetation Biodiversity Education Local Government

The story of the Southern Corroboree Frog

Moving a Mountain

February 2018   Wetlands Biodiversity Education Habitat Community

Talkin' Turtles

An educational experience showcasing Our Living River mascot, the eastern long-necked turtle.

January 2018   Urban and Peri-urban Biodiversity Education

Riverkeeper Network Meeting

The Inaugural Riverkeeper Network Meeting

March 2018   Biodiversity Monitoring Community Planning Water quality Urban and Peri-urban

Secret Life of Eels

Connecting the community to the river through traditional and scientific stories of the Long-finned Eel

January 2018   Urban and Peri-urban Biodiversity Education Cultural Heritage

Native Seed Propagation Workshop

Training to support the Hillview Park Community Garden & Landcare Nursery Project

January 2018   Native Vegetation Biodiversity Community Workshops