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Soil Biology

How to identify and monitor your soil’s biological health

Drones in Agriculture Workshop

Making farming faster, easier and more sustainable with the use of drone technology

Koala Habitat Restoration

A short & simple capacity building event for landholders

Saving Soil Health & Hydration

Variations on Natural Sequence Farming

Promoting Revegetation and Environmental Connectivity

Teaching landholders how to identify native plants and the benefits of retaining native plants on their property

Ferals in Focus

Focusing on feral animal research, control and technology

The Magic of Mistletoe

Mistletoe is an ecological keystone for biodiversity

The ins and outs of soil health

Investigating soil health and dry climate

Firearms Training for women on the land

These workshops were designed to equip women with the confidence and knowledge to safely use firearms for the humane destruction of pest animals and livestock

Stick & Stones revisited

Ongoing maintenance is critical to ensure our hard work and effort doesn't go to waste!

Seed Collection Workshop

Barham Public School Seed Collection Workshop at Federation Botanical Reserve

Building farmer resilience

Building business resilience for young farmers through farm and industry tours.

Participation in environmental learning

Finding something relatable for all ages

A Captive Audience

Testing a new activity with school age children

Managing Dry Times

Workshops to help landholders manage during times of drought.

Paddock Trees project

Planting paddock trees to improve species connectivity between the Great Eastern Ranges and inland areas

Supporting Watershed Landcare to be COVID Safe

A new normal has lead to different challenges and a new outlook on how our Landcare network can operate

Shoalhaven Post Bushfire Support

After the devastating bushfires of December 2019 and January 2020, local Landcarers and volunteers rallied to support local wildlife

Allendale Landcare Group

Formation of a new Landcare Group in response to bushfire recovery actions

Greater Sydney Landcare Strategic Plan review

A review of the GSLN Strategic Plan (2016-2019) was carried out and amended to guide us for the next three years